The Matt Pippin Band

Pure Georgia Country

Matt Pippin was born in Macon, GA and raised in nearby Juliette. Like every other country boy, his days were spent hunting, fishing and playing every sport that was offered! At age 11, one of Matt’s best friends, Sean Mettler, began taking guitar lessons and would show Matt all the new licks he was learning. Wanting more, Matt started taking lessons from Emmit Young in Macon, GA. The passion for playing guitar began to consume him. After only a year and a half of lessons, Emmit felt he had taught Matt all that he could. He suggested Matt could learn more from just getting with other young musicians and jamming together every chance they got.

From that stemmed Matt’s first band and also a regular house gig at the local club, Nashville South. Matt and band, Young Country, would begin performing there 4 nights a week. It was there that Matt began a friendship and another band with local singer, Jason Aldean. Their new band Young Guns would go on to perform along the Southeastern United States and also up the East Coast. Matt would go on to form another “road band” with an old friend, Wes Robinson. This new venture called Double Trouble was named the #1 booked band by Entertainment Concepts Booking Agency in Orlando, FL.

Matt would later rejoin Jason Aldean in time to play several showcases in Nashville, TN, the last one resulting in Jason getting signed to Broken Bow Records! Matt stayed on for several more months as his Lead Guitarist and background vocalist. However, once the album was completed, the studio band went on to take over on tour.

Matt Pippin is now on the verge of taking the country music world by storm! With a new found commitment and years of getting his personal demons behind him, he has emerged as one explosive and dedicated artist. Matt now writes and performs all over the Southeast and has been nominated for several awards by different local music publications! The sky seems to be the limit for this young, yet very experienced, new artist. Go see The Matt Pippin Band LIVE in a town near you and help support local music!